The Consultant’s Mindset

In the course of my day to day work with clients, one of the key roles I undertake and thoroughly enjoy is mentoring the internal consultants or change agents, depending upon what the client wants to call them. I may have told you before that part of my background is in sales, which gave me […]


Who Can You Trust?

A Lot of clients ask me how I know what kind of person I’m dealing with and how I know whether I can trust them or not. Now, we cover this in great detail in the Black Belt Course but I thought I’d cover the basics here of some of the types of people you […]


Earn What you Deserve….

A question I get asked repeatedly by internal improvement consultants and client improvement team members, who I have acted as a mentor for is; “How can I earn more”, or more often “I wish I earned as much as you”. Now my response doesn’t always go down that well, as it is very direct but […]


What are the characteristics of a truly effective team?

I am continuing my team building discussions with my cleint and explained that Teamwork is what makes a team work effectively together as a unit. It also helps team members feel happy, productive and fulfilled as individuals. As the team’s leader, encouraging teamwork is one of the most important things you can do to help […]


How do you ensure your change team is balanced?

I was working with this client recently and we started the talk about their team, the question came from the client about how do we know how to identify people who would fit into certain ‘Team Roles’? and how do we ensure the team is ‘Balanced’? I’m sure you will have your own thoughts in […]


Synergy depends on communication and common goals and team spirit

Following on from my recent post on building your change team, The next question the client usually asks is “What about the team roles? Won’t there be some conflict if we just pull together a few positive , can-do people?” – Absolutely, that’s why the team roles are important: Team RolesThe most common feature of […]


Geting your team to continue to perform

One of my recent posts I discussed what makes a successful change team.. so, you’ve formed a team and you know they will go through the stages of chaotic, formal to mature but how can you get them there and ensure they continue to perform at a stellar level? Team Reviews


The different stages of your change team

In my last post, we looked at the early stages of forming a team and in this post I’ll discuss the ‘formal’ and ‘mature’ stages: Formal StageThe formal stage is likely to be more successful, but this success will be limited by inflexibility. The team at this stage of its development tends to be too […]

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