don’t be fooled by what people say…

Effectively managing stakeholders is one of the most skilled and difficult parts of any improvement project and this subject is absolutely massive and only covered in our Master Black Belt Course however, I think it is so important, I decided to pull out some of the key aspects, hints and tips that I think you […]


A little knowledge is dangerous

Patience is very important when developing a proper infrastructure to support the change. Consider this, two gardeners each plant a seed in some fertile soil. After six months, each seed has sprouted above the ground to a length of only four inches. One of the gardeners is concerned because the plant is not growing fast […]


Get the foundation in place first

A while ago a client of asked how I was so successful at implementing change in organisations where other consultants had failed so many times. I told him the answer was simple, I’m not a consultant, I’m a coach and there is a world of difference in this small point. Consultants are interested in getting […]


Lean and Six Sigma Don’t work.

I wish I had a crisp £20 note for every time I’ve heard that one in my career. Although, the doubters and naysayers don’t realise just how close they are to the truth. Now there’s no doubt that many companies have tried either Lean or Six Sigma, or even both and not had much, if […]


Its not the tool, but how you use it that counts.

I recently ran a short ½ day training course for a local council’s supplier development program, which had attendees from a wide range of industries in the local area. Now these training courses are very much an introduction to Lean Six Sigma and the improvement methodologies that go with them but many of the attendees […]


The new paradigm of Lean Six Sigma, key concepts

The new paradigm of Lean Six Sigma transcends more than just a production system – it is a new way of thinking about organising the improving operations. Traditionally one often associates Lean Six Sigma with a collection of tools and techniques on the factory floor. However, there are several tiers in how the new thinking […]


Structure of the Beyond Lean Roadmap

This Roadmap has three main segments. The first introduces the principles of Lean Six Sigma and establishes some common themes, then presents Beyond Lean’s Lean Six Sigma model. The second gives an overview of the Beyond Lean Roadmap, outlining the high level project approach to achieving and sustaining business benefits through the application of Lean […]


Summary and Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

WHAT IS LEAN SIX SIGMA? SUMMARY A Lean Six Sigma transformation can enable operations to drive the overall business strategy, through the creation of many tangible business benefits. Quality may increase through improved process yields and reduce scrap and rectification costs. Cost improves through reduced conversion costs, improved cash flow, and higher return on assets. […]

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