Complaints are a gift – Listen to your customers !

Listening to your customer complaints can give you great hints as to where some of the problems might lie. DO NOT hesitate to ASK them! complaintThey will tell you. It is a wonderful opportunity and channel to let your customers know that what they want, say and need, REALLY MATTERS. If you provide this level of responsive personalized business, you will have success, not only now, but also, in the future.

Slow and inefficient processes, finished goods just sitting around or waiting for things to happen all cost money. Finding ways to cut down on these is the challenge and opportunity that Lean Six Sigma brings to your business. This is oftentimes referred to as the so-called ‘hidden factory’ or unseen cost of ‘doing business’. Once you put a number on it and are aware of it, you will benefit from ways to reducing it or eliminating it, adding to your bottom line and cutting down on cost and waste. That is the heart and purpose of LSS.

Getting rid of things (even internal process steps, time and inventory) that add NO VALUE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS is a TOP PRIORITY TOO! The costs of poor quality products, services and waste add up over time and could cause you the loss of loyalty and potential repeat/new business. Really taking issues with these aspects can save you money, time, ensure quality and customer retention, satisfaction and more business!

Customer want to do MORE business with a provider that is reliable, quick and affordable, stable and predictable.

If you set certain targets in certain areas of your business and work diligently towards them, the results will be evident quickly and these changes will ‘stick’ and be sustainable over time, which is what you are really after.

Ask yourself how long it takes you to get your product and service out the door and in the customer’s hand. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. Asking the question is important, raising awareness. Putting a number to it, makes it visible, measurable and enables you to do something about it! For example cutting it down or in half!

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