A little knowledge is dangerous

Patience is very important when developing a proper infrastructure to support the change.

Consider this, two gardeners each plant a seed in some fertile soil. After six months, each seed has sprouted above the ground to a length of only four inches.

One of the gardeners is concerned because the plant is not growing fast enough, so he removes the sprout along with its root and plants a new seed. The other gardener is more patient and understands that the sprout is still developing its foundations and has great potential, even though the growth hasn’t been that great.

Another six months passes and the patient gardener now has a plant that sprouted to a height of two feet! This flower was able to grow so rapidly

seeds (1)because it was nurtured early on and allowed to develop at its own pace.

On the other hand, the new seed for the impatient gardener has only grown four inches again.

Get the foundation in place first and your Lean Six Sigma efforts will soar!

Take what you find useful, discard what you don’t.

It amazes me how many companies go about their Lean Six Sigma journey, many with good intentions and many more who have sent their employees on courses, who come back with their shiny new Lean Sigma toolbox and go about implementing kanban systems for the stationery that no one uses and value stream mapping a large unwieldy process that no one cares about anyway. Then they wonder why it didn’t work.

You can give a ferret a toolbox but that doesn’t make it a mechanic! A little knowledge IS dangerous.

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