Fast track your daily rates with Lean Six Sigma..

The worldwide demand for qualified Lean Six Sigma consultants is growing at a faster rate now than at any time in the past.. Current contract rates for a Black Belt are running at £800/day in the UK. BUT.. getting on board with Lean Six Sigma is no easy task, many organisations are so busy getting […]

What Made Toyota So Different?

In my last post, I explained how ‘Lean’ started way before Toyota came into view but they are recognised as the world leaders in Lean because they looked at things from a whole new viewpoint…. Lean – A new paradigm The lean production system pioneered at Toyota created a new paradigm for excellence in manufacturing. This […]

Lean started way before Toyota!

Now, another common misconception amongst my clients is that ‘Lean’ and efficiency improvements all started with Toyota – wrong. Here is a very brief history of how it all came about and some would argue it started even before this! Lean Six Sigma Overview – Lean ManufacturingIn 1910 Charles Sorensen and Henry Ford created the […]

Where did Six Sigma Come From?

This is a question I get asked a lot, even though it is well documented. So here is a very short history of Six Sigma – History of Six Sigma6 Sigma manufacturing philosophy came from Motorola They recognised that sufficient process improvement would not occur using a conventional approach to quality. It was developed to […]

Is there a secret formula to a successful Lean Six Sigma project?

I’ve been asked many times by clients and students alike, what is the secret formula to a successful Lean Six Sigma implementation and the answer is never the same from company to company but one thing always seems to come up… Implementing lean manufacturing or Six sigma or TQM or BPR or ……or ….. should […]

Harnessing the 8th AND 9th Waste of Lean Six Sigma

Yes, you heard me right, there is a 9th Waste ! We all know the 8th waste is the under-utilisation of our people but what about the 9th waste; the under-utilisation of our customers. An underestimated factor in all Lean Six Sigma deployments is the underutilized talents of our collective and collaborative potential and this […]