Why on-line Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma Certification is becoming a must have for potential employers and clients as this shows that you can apply these improvement methodoligies and haven’t just read a few books.

The global recession is set to be with us for the next few years and one sector, more than any other is set to be in great demand – Lean and Six Sigma Improvement professionals.

Businesses need to remove costs from their operations to remain viable. They need to increase profitability and productivity, remove waste and variation from their processes in order to stay in business.

How will they do this? By employing Lean and Six Sigma (Lean Sigma) methodologies as part of business as usual. These skills are in great demand and there are a lot of experienced Lean Sigma professionals out there. The only way to ensure you get to the front of the queue and to the top of the earnings ladder is to become a Certified Lean Sigma Black Belt.

The easiest and least expensive way to do this is by taking an ‘on-line’ Lean Sigma Certification course.

Now some of these ‘on-line’ offerings will simply get you to read a very thick book and take some tests.

However, we have developed an on-line course that is not only very cost effective (under $1,000) but also supplies you with all the course material in Powerpoint format (you can then copy this directly onto your own slide template and use it in your (or your clients) organisation within minutes !

You may say, “Why do I need a Lean Six Sigma Certification to Black Belt standard?”

The answer to this is simple – because more and more employers and headhunters are asking for this kind of qualification as evidence that you can actually deliver…. And with this kind of Lean Six Sigma certification comes the top end of the pay scale.


Overview of Training and Programmes

We’ve partnered with Digital Chalk to deliver a world class on-line experience to our students, our courses are a combination of videos, power point slides, tutorials, excel workbooks and PDF ebooks for off-line reading.  Each student is able to download and keep for their own use all the material that is delivered during the course.

Each course will take you through our full curriculum specifically designed to give you the tools and knowledge to hit the ground running and reach your objectives quickly.

  • Yellow Belt
  • 14 Lean Six Sigma Modules
  • 5 video presentations
  • 3 examinations
  • Over 140 slides
  • Project submission
  • $197 USD
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  • Green Belt
  • 61 Lean Six Sigma Modules
  • 25 video presentations
  • 6 examinations
  • Over 950 slides and tutorials
  • Project submission
  • $497 USD
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  • Black Belt
  • 123 Lean Six Sigma Modules
  • 29 video presentations
  • 2100+ slides and tutorials
  • Over 100 templates
  • Project submission
  • $997 USD
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As we deliver the training over the internet, all our courses are available to ANYONE anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.

Payments are taken using a “verified” paypal business account, and will be charged to you in your local currency at the prevailing conversion rate.


Which Belt Is Right For You?

In the process improvement world, experience levels are characterized by colour – as in Martial Arts (e.g., Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt).

These Belt labels have become the standard means of acknowledging responsibility and achievement.

When you are considering training, it’s important to understand the tasks and knowledge that each levels represents. The spectrum below shows the shift from introduction at the top to highly advanced at the bottom.

we list all our overview belt offerings here, with links to the detail of each belt and the subject covered

  • Lean Six Sigma Programmes
image Lean Six Sigma Programmes


As a White Belt, you have an understanding of the overall application and language of process improvement. Training is generally around a day, enough to understand the benefits of the methodology. We offer a Lean Six Sigma Overview course.


Advanced Beginner

As a Yellow Belt, you are a knowledgeable contributor to Lean Six Sigma projects and management. You are typically a team member who is familiar with the overall methodology and the basic tools of process improvement. Training takes several days (~30 hours online).



As a Green Belt, you are an essential member of the Lean Six Sigma project team. Whether you're leading your own projects or supporting a Black Belt-level project, you are responsible for knowing and applying the DMAIC methodology and Lean methods. Training takes around two weeks (80 hours online).



As a Black Belt, you are an expert team leader, statistical analyst, and project manager - all rolled into one. You have mastered a diverse set of "soft" and "hard" skills so that, when you graduate, you can quickly lead critical projects to successful completion. Training takes around four weeks (~145 hours online).


Highly Advanced

As a Master Black Belt, you are a tested and experienced leader with coaching, strategy and training responsibilities. You are trained in the most advanced techniques, have managerial responsibilities, and are often responsible for the most critical and challenging projects. Training is two weeks online.