Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Getting certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is your first step on your journey to becoming an expert in problem solving, business improvements and giving you greater marketability and earnings potential.

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A Yellow belt on-line training course is introductory level training for Lean Six Sigma. This course is ideal for people who need to understand the terminology, or are thinking of using Lean Six Sigma in their organisation. It is also perfect for individuals who need to be able to show an understanding of the techniques.

As an on-line training course, you have the flexibility to fit your learning around your schedule.

Course Objectives

  • To provide an understanding of Lean Six Sigma and how they can help you improve productivity in a business
  • To demonstrate the benefits and potential of Lean Six Sigma in any industry
  • To outline the common problems faced by companies implementing business improvement
  • To explain the structure, roles and approach
  • To fully understand DMAIC the structure for solving problems associated with Lean Six Sigma

Course Outline

  • Lean Sigma Awareness – Yellow Belt Training
  • Standard Business Roadmap – Steps to follow in ANY Improvement activity
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Yellow Belt Assessment (On-line Exam, followed by Problem Solving submission)

Yellow Belt  Assessment & Mini Project

  • Complete the On-line examination
  • Using the Problem solving methodology you have learned, identify and solve a problem you are currently encountering.
  • Document the method you used and send this documentation, along with any supporting evidence to our course instructors for assessment and certification
  • Request your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate


$197 on-line training AND certificationbuy_now_button