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Beyondlean have put together this fantastic 8 part “HOW TO” guide, consisting of 8 eBook manuals and tutorials to ensure your Lean Six Sigma Project actually delivers AND the benefits STICK

Over 400 Pages Reveal Exactly How You Can Supercharge Your Lean Six Sigma Project. Yours ONLY From Beyondlean.

8 Guides Covering The Often Ignored Skills That Will Help You Become A “Lean Six Sigma GURU”


Getting Lean Six Sigma To Work Is About The “HOW” As Well As The “WHAT”

This FANTASTIC 8 part tutorial we am offering is truly special, and will reveal secrets and teachings that we have picked up over the past 17 years in the Lean Six Sigma business, we truly hope you enjoy reading each chapter and get the full benefits you deserve.

  1. How to get 20% off your bottom line costs using my detailed Lean Six Sigma Implementation Manual
  2. Learn the secrets of how to make Lean Six Sigma work in your organisation, and more importantly, what to avoid doing that will make it fall flat
  3. Chairing effective meetings to help you get the most out of your time
  4. Honing your presentation skills to ensure your message gets across and you get the outcome you desire.
  5. Only when you get the root cause will you truly be able to solve problems, problem solving manual
  6. Poor leadership is the cause of 99.9% of all Lean Six Sigma failures
  7. Building high performing teams through inspirational leadership
  8. £300K in savings in just 3 months in the Airline Catering Business, a case study of one of my own projects


All our materials have been prepared by Paul Swift, one of the industry’s finest instructors and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt  with over 17 years real-world experience and are subject matter expertise in process improvement and Lean Six Sigma.

8 Part “HOW TO” Guides $97.00buy_now_button