The Consultant’s Mindset

In the course of my day to day work with clients, one of the key roles I undertake and thoroughly enjoy is mentoring the internal consultants or change agents, depending upon what the client wants to call them.49_mentoring

I may have told you before that part of my background is in sales, which gave me an enormous advantage over many of the people in my field as I was trained in the art and science of sales by some true masters of the game. So when a client asks “what are you going to upskill my people with?”, I simply reply “The art of getting what you want” but it is much more than that and here are a few examples of the skills that a great consultant needs to master to get to the top in their field:

“Understanding what needs to be done & developing solutions” which means…. enquiring, researching, analysing & developing solutions.
“Influencing others” which means….. winning support of the key stakeholders directly or indirectly.
“Being oriented towards change” which means….. active commitment to development of self and others & continually driving for change.
“Delivering results” which means….. acting with a sense of urgency & planning and delivering what is promised.
“Working with others and relationship building” which means…. giving and receiving feedback, actively supporting others, participating in team activities, developing rapport and acting with integrity and fairness.

In addition to these, an unwavering degree of self-belief is essential, which generally comes from intensive coaching and mentoring or simply from the person’s desire to continuously get better at what they do through learning and self development.