Turning Lean Six Sigma Theory into Practice

Many people read the books and study the theory but only action on the back of this can get you results…list of courses

Taking the theory of LSS to the practical implementation will take planning, patience and persistence. Determination, detail orientation and discipline. We often refer to these as the THREE p’s and the THREE d’s to make them easy to remember. Gradual, planned, focused effort is what it is all about. Step-by-step instructions and actions to get to improvements over time, that can be sustained, stable and predictable are essential.

If any of the following scenarios are important to your business, Lean Six Sigma can help you reach targets and goals in this area that you set for you, your team and your business:

  • Increasing operating margin and revenue
  • Reduce manufacturing lead, wait and cycle times
  • Lessen WIP or work-in-progress inventory (half-completed product), time and space costs money! Reduce costs
  • Reducing manufacturing overhead and quality costs
  • Increase gross profit margin
  • Get customers what they want, when they want it, any time, every time and all the time, quickly and correctly, affordably and on-demand.
  • Achieve consistent quality and low defect rate (scrap/waste)

Make the most of your shareholder value and you can not go wrong. Achieve high levels of improvement rates and customer satisfaction, quality products, low costs and do so quickly and you remain competitive and profitable.

Get and keep your processes under control and improve, getting better all the time, setting and positioning yourself head-and-shoulders above the masses and mediocrity. Help define and execute your competitive edge with a well-thought out, supported, gradual deployment, through Lean Six Sigma in your business and you are set for fantastic outcomes, success and results!

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