Where did Six Sigma Come From?

This is a question I get asked a lot, even though it is well documented. So here is a very short history of Six Sigma –

3d rendering of dart arrows missing the target

3d rendering of dart arrows missing the target

History of Six Sigma
6 Sigma manufacturing philosophy came from Motorola

They recognised that sufficient process improvement would not occur using a conventional approach to quality. It was developed to help them reduce variation within a process by focusing effort on improving inputs to a process rather than reacting to outputs.

The process was failing the customer expectations Traditionally, processes aimed for process capability of 3 to 4 sigma (Cpk=1.0 to 1.33 or 93% to 99.3% acceptable) The customer received 6200 defective product per million at best Processes now aim for 6 sigma (Cpk=2) The customer would receive 3.4 defective product per million