Who Can You Trust?

A Lot of clients ask me how I know what kind of person I’m dealing with and how I know whether I can trust them or not. Now, we cover this in great detail in the Black Belt Course but I thought I’d cover the basics here of some of the types of people you may encounter during any change program.48_trust

Firstly we have the ‘Pioneers’: These people have vision, are energetic, take risks, challenge conventional thinking, are impatient, sometimes lack a detailed approach, recognise that they need a high quality support team around them, move on once a challenge has been met, find reasons why. These are the people who’ll get things going in the right direction.

Next we have the ‘Settlers’: These are you ‘Steady Eddie’s’, they will ‘Feed’ the pioneers with the physical & emotional resources they need, are more conservative by nature, often have a more methodical and detailed approach, warn pioneers of potential dangers, come to the rescue when necessary.

Now we get to the minority groups and first up here are ‘The Old Dogs’: You’ve all met these guys, they lament about how good things were in the old days, keep their head down, when necessary align themselves with the Well Poisoners in order to preserve the status quo and can sometimes be confused with the settlers.

The most dangerous group and hardest to spot are the ‘Well Poisoners’: They will Find ways to sabotage and/or delay advances by; talking much and doing nothing, setting up committees that promise much & deliver little, spread unhelpful rumours, discredit people, intentionally avoid taking responsibility & find reasons why not. Can be terrific allies if they can be ‘turned’ BUT don’t count on turning them. The biggest tell-tale sign here is ‘Do the actions match the words?’ If they don’t, you may well be dealing with hidden intentions, so beware!